Chelsea Mid Season Review

Initial expectations

Welcome, to the highest level of analysis the culture needed. I could get into this season but let me give you context. Coming into last season with a transfer ban and the sale of who I consider our pound for pound greatest player of all time Eden Hazard, as well as a rookie premier league coach in Frank Lampard, expectations were as low as they’ve ever been in the Roman era. It was supposed to be a write off season where youth are integrated, and a top 6 finish would’ve been admirable. In the season which had little to no expectation, emerged players who I consider decent premier league player in mason mount, Tammy Abraham, Fikayo tomori and Reece James, who all showed promise and a high ceiling but not quite at the elite level yet. Frank Lampard who was nominated for manager of the year took the club to a top 4 finish and a cup final despite these conditions.

Now, lets get to what has followed, which was a very good transfer window where good talent were identified and purchased, club spent in excess of 250million on Havertz, Ziyech, Werner to partner with CHO and Pulisic who was emerging as a great player, and also ben Chilwell. Thiago silva despite his age played in the last champions league final was added to the squad, majority of the squads issues were addressed bar the midfield issue. Given what took place the previous season and these additions, I knew it’d take time to gel and implement a system, and for certain players to adapt at different rates. That being said my expectations for the season was to be in the top 3 comfortably, after all this was a squad that finished 4th and addressed all but one of their weaknesses. I didn’t think they were title ready but I expected to be only behind Liverpool and city coming into the season.

Best performers



Its hard to pinpoint one player underperforming, I look at the entire midfield. I never watch a game and feel like we have the better midfield. John McGinn bullied us in another game we could’ve lost. Mount, Kante, J5 and Kovavic take the award for underperformers, these whores get fucked every single game.

Impact of signings

There’s been a few signings too who I feel are all struggling to adapt except for Thiago Silva who I feel looks himself, probably down to experience. I have hope for Werner as he gets so many chances so I believe with confidence and a real system we will reap the benefits of his movement, speed and sharpness. Ziyech has also shown he can be good given the right system and ideas from the coaches. Havertz? He’s given me little to no reason to be optimistic. I have no hope for him. This leaves me with Ben Chilwell who had started well but fell of gradually.

Ones to watch 

Despite this season’s struggles I advise all watching to keep an eye out on Reece James and Callum Hodson-odoi. Two elite young talents with a massive ceiling.

The manager

At the half way point we sit, 11 points off the top of the league and 7 points off 4 th place. Its safe to say that top 4 is gone, players looks like they have no clue on the pitch, signings haven’t adapted well, big performers last season have fallen off, the midfield is bullied/overran every single game and the manager seems to blame the player each game, its been nothing short of a disaster after having lost 6 of our last 9 games. I think its time to let Frank go as I do not believe he has the capabilities to turn this around or coach at the highest level as this stage in his career. Which means as much as it pains me I would have to say Lampard to this point has failed this season I will give him a 3/10 for what I have seen in the first half of the season.

Where we’ll finish

Unfortunately I believe we’ll finish 6th, Utd, Spurs, City, Leicester and Pool will finish ahead of us, wait actually 5th we’ll pass Liverpool looool.


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