Manchester United: It’s Over

I had began writing this article last week then said nah, but this morning’s Spurs/ Conte news has pushed me over the edge. They said last Saturday’s game was a loser leaves town match and they were right.

Less than 48 hours since their 0-3 home defeat to Man United, Spurs have still managed to show that they’re a more serious football club. They were ahead of us prior to this past weekends fixtures and now that they suffered a big defeat to one of their rivals in which they offered little to nothing all game, their manager has lost his job over it. Sounds familiar right?

The exact same thing happened last week to United except the loss was twice as bad, oh and instead of operating like a smart club with some standards, the top hierarchy again decided to have no shame and keep Ole in charge. I was certain he was gone in two weeks but as the week went on I started to worry that they genuinely might keep him on longer, now that Conte’s gone, that fear is all but confirmed.

This football is finished, we are in the world’s longest running, never ending, most boring rollercoaster of all time, to any United fan reading, strap yourselves in because we’re stuck forever, it’s over

I actually want them to offer Ole a lifetime contract in which his minimum job requirements are to continuously start underperforming players, create a narrative that you promote youth, under utilise your bench and never win a trophy. At least if this happened then all hope would be gone right? They say it’s the hope that kills you and so in that case I think I must be dead because now all my hope is gone. This club is finished, everyone in any kind of leadership role has no idea what they’re doing, all the way from the Glazers to Maguire, that club is done out here.

We had a good run

It’s okay, these things happen, we had a great run, roughly 30 years as a football powerhouse, but as they say, all good things must come to an end and now it’s my football clubs time. It’s over. It’s happened to Leeds, Derby, Blackburn, Notts Forest and now it’s happening to Man United. I can confidently say this football club is finished.

Summer 2022

Ole is never ever leaving, all hyperbole aside he’ll scrape top 4 this year and lose the FA cup semi/final and he’ll get another crack next season. Lemme give you a preview of our summer next year, Pogba goes, they’ll say they’ll sign a DM, even though we’ll now need another CM also, they’ll chase Rice all summer, then either 1 of 2 things happen. 1 – they manage to agree a fee, then Chelsea swoop in and match the fee and he chooses them and we end up with some 30+ free transfer/cheap option on deadline day. 2 – we struggle to agree a fee, then we brief the media saying West Ham wanted 150m and there’s no value in the market etc etc then rinse and repeat top 4 challenge, in which he’ll probably lose as Conte will be settled in at Spurs by then. Like I said, it’s over. The only reason I still watch is for Ronaldo, watching him brings me back to the good ol days and that’s all I’ve got left.


I genuinely can’t believe we bought Ronaldo, Varane and Sancho and on November 1st I’m writing an obituary for our season. I had small hopes we could go on a nice CL run but realistically he’ll get out coached by the first top level team we face and we’ll crash out. As for the league we’re gonna be wayyyyy off the pace and that’s a God damn shame. What a disaster this all is. If you see me with a Madrid Vinicius jersey, please show some respect as I’m in mourning. These are trying times.

RIP Manchester United 1878 – 2021

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