Chelsea vs Man United Match Preview: One More Loss?

We have to lose

Another weekend of Premier League football means another weekend of me rooting against United. You’re probably wondering why since Ole’s already been sacked. Unfortunately the people in charge are still clueless. A win over Chelsea following the big Villareal win will make them think Carrick could possibly remain till the end of the season, for that reason we need Chelsea to smack us, call me dramatic but I think it has to be done.

Upcoming fixtures

This is our upcoming fixture list, imagine the momentum of a win vs the league’s best, this team always seems to do well when there’s a busy fixture list so I’d be very worried they go on a good run and Rio starts rubbing his hands together again. A loss this weekend is for the greater good because lets be honest, that backroom staff should all lose their jobs, I understand keeping them for the Villareal game due to the quick turnaround after Watford but as soon as an Interim or permanent manager is identified they have gotta go. I said it on Tuesday and I’ll say it again, Micky Phelan it’s been a pleasure, but goodbye..for good. Carrick and McKenna, thanks for the win, you managed the game very well, but best of luck in your future endeavours, go get more experience and try again at a top club, just not mine.

The Game

Now for the this weekend’s game. It’s funny I’m fearing we’ll win when in reality it doesn’t matter cause we’re getting smacked AGAIN regardless. The two teams couldn’t be more polar opposites, one is so well coached and wins as a team, the other has no coaching and relies on one player(maybe 2 sometimes) bailing out the team. It’s gonna be ugly this Sunday. Doesn’t matter who’s injured for them, their system allows for interchangeability. The only reason the scoreline might not be catastrophic is because Bailly’s playing and while he can be error prone, his last ditch recoveries and pace could make the scoreline respectable, not to mention there’s no Maguire so we wont see his usual big game howlers. The one thing that will annoy me this weekend is Lukaku turning into R9 and then having to listen to “we shouldn’t have sold Lukaku” for a week. His goal and or goals are inevitable this weekend, I can smell it.

Combined XI

I would usually do a combined XI based on form/fitness but what’s the point? It would literally be Chelsea + CR7, so I’m going to give my combined XI when everyone’s fully fit and playing at their best. I made two teams, one with 433 and one with 352.


The defence was fairly easy to pick, Shaw is having a rubbish season but I do think he’s a better full back than Chilwell, although it’s close. Varane and Silva don’t need explanation and I’ll say nothing on United’s RB and keeper. Pogba and Kante were always going in, the only choice here was whether I’d have Jorginho sitting or Bruno advanced, for more balance I went for Jorginho. The front 3 may be a bit of a surprise but I don’t think it should be, Ronaldo picks himself and Chelsea’s forwards aren’t exactly world beaters. I also think Rashford and Sancho are better than CHO/Mount/Werner/Ziyech.


Then for the 352 Rudiger comes in as his pace would be needed in a 3. Alonso as well as he’s the best wingback out of Chilwell and Shaw. I don’t think Jorginho is needed so Bruno gets in and then Lukaku partners Ronaldo upfront, a fairly balanced team I feel. It goes without saying that Tuchel is the manager for both teams.

Match Prediction

For my match prediction I’m going for a comfortable Chelsea home win. They’ll score from a set piece given how poor we are at defending them and Lukaku will also bag at least one. I’d like to think Ronaldo will get one but it’s wishful thinking, our midfield is gonna get slapped. I can see this going very similar to the City game in which Chelsea will score more if they want but will probably be happy to conserve energy and take pity on us.

Final score Chelsea 3 Man United 0

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