The Fifa World Cup: 5 players to Watch

We’re back with more World Cup content, this time we’re focusing on 5 young players to look out for at the World Cup. The 5 players spotlighted are:

Kim Min Jae (South Korea)

Pedri (Spain)

Andre Frank Zambo Anguissa (Cameroon)

Iliman Ndiaye (Senegal)

Takefusa kubo (Japan)

Kim Min Jae

As somebody who has spent more than enough time watching a certain mediocre centre back lead the backline at Old Trafford, I cannot express how badly I need Kim Min Jae at the Theatre of Dreams. I love this man. Everything about him is perfect. Aerial duels? Covered. One v One Defending? Covered. Comfy on the ball? That ain’t no problem. Pace? Covered. Kim Min Jae might actually be perfect. I first came across him when watching Napoli earlier this season and have been twerking for him since, especially after some of his performances in this season’s Champions League. While all of the attention and hype surrounding South Korea will deservedly go to HM Son, defence wins you championships apparently and Kim Min Jae is one of the very best right now.


I really tried not to pick bait names but I looked at the Spain squad and just thought “yeah this kid needs to come alive in order for Spain to do well”. Like most 19 year olds, Pedri obviously needs to get his numbers up. xG and xA aside (kmt) Pedri has everything you want in an attacking midfielder playing international football. Strong press resistance, can play in 2 or 3 touches consistently, vision is years ahead of his age and has the ability to execute passes under pressure and back up his tremendous vision. Pedri’s ball carrying is a joke. He is so so good at gaining yards for his team. This in addition to his natural ability to slow the game down at the right moment will surely be advantageous for Spain’s (let’s be real here) toothless attack.


This kid’s career has been so mad to follow. I first came across Ndiaye on YouTube when he was playing for London team Rising Ballers and it was so obvious then that he was streets ahead of most people on the same pitch as him. It has been very cool to see him become an important player for Sheffield United and that his form since joining them has been good enough for a World Cup call up for the African champions says it all. I don’t even wanna speak on this kid’s attributes, just go and watch a highlight reel. He’s a true baller.

Zambo Anguissa

Another Neapolitan love affair here. I want to start a new movement called Project Anguissa. Honestly, if I could be any footballer in the world it would be Anguissa. On his day you literally cannot guard him. He has it all. One of the few box to box midfielders I have seen this season that is an absolute pressing monster, can play 1/2 touch with ease, has a weird ability to recover and keep the ball via interception and then penetrate defences with lung busting runs. He also wears no. 99. What a fucking legend lol. Anguissa is the engine in Napoli’s midfield and in a Cameroon team who leave a lot to be desired in attack, here’s to hoping he can provide his nation with the high levels of stability, drive and courage we have seen week in week out for his club side.


This guy is one of those left footed players who is comfortable anywhere on the pitch. Kubo’s close control and dribbling abilities are absolutely insane. I honestly just included him in this list because I’m hoping he puts a few senior men on their backsides during the tournament. The kid’s talent is undeniable, at 21 this is already his 3rd international tournament for Japan and after finding his feet and appearing to settle into a Real Sociedad that beat M*nchester United earlier this season, here’s to hoping his World Cup highlight reel is instagram worthy.

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