Jose Mourinho: Top 10 Greatest Interviews

Been wanting to do this article for quite awhile and thoroughly enjoyed it, today we’re counting down the top 10 interviews from football’s favourite villain, Jose Mourinho! Enjoy!

10. “Minute 30, minute 33, minute 43 and minute 69”.

This was classic Jose after a home draw to Burnley in 2015, this kickstarted almost a year of unforgettable Jose quotes. As usual he’s blaming the ref but doesn’t wanna speak freely at the risk of a ban from the FA. We’ll see plenty of the likes of this in the countdown.

9. “Judas is #1”.

After getting abused by Chelsea fans, Jose let them know he’s still their greatest ever manager until someone comes along and wins them 4 Premier League titles.

8. ‘Why Always Lukaku”.

Peak villian Jose, the whole team was playing crap for months then he finally gives others a chance and they play shit just like the regulars and he says this. If he wasn’t so funny I’d hate him!

7. “Specialist in failure”.

Poor Arsene. This one was brutal from Jose but I suppose he should have known better than to come for him. I guess its nice they were able to reconcile down the line as pundits on Bein.

6. “You cannot put pressure on me”.

He was so goddamn good, having him manage your club at his peak must have been a dream. Shame we got him when he was washed. This interview is so good, absolutely silences Geoff Shreeves and rightfully so to be honest, it was dumb comment to make.

5. “The Special One”.

I couldn’t do this list without including this one. Jose’s Introduction to English football. I don’t think you’ll ever hear a manager do a press conference like this again but I wish someone would. Football needs someone with this level of confidence and arrogance back.

4. “Speak with Jamie Redknapp and he’ll tell you everything”.

This is one of my personal favourite Jose interviews, one that’s very underrated. It came right after he saved football. It’s the type of Jose you want managing your club, us against the world mentality, the opening 10 seconds has me in tears every time.

3. “3-0, but this also means 3 Premierships”.

I couldn’t enjoy this at the time seeing as we’d just been smashed 3 nothing at home to Spurs but man is this hilarious now. How do you turn a defeat into bragging about your Prem titles that were won at a different club??? One day this guy will pay.

2. “Football Heritage”.

If he doesn’t pay for the last quote he’ll pay for this one, the clip is quite long but well worth watching. After humiliatingly crashing out of Europe at home to Sevilla he spent 10 minutes talking about how rubbish we’ve been in Europe and how he inherited a dead squad, I’ll say it again, if he wasn’t this funny and shameless I’d despise him although I do think he went too far here as this was the turning point for most fans, including myself.

1. “I prefer not to speak”.

Peak box office Jose. One of the most iconic lines in the sport ever. In fact it’s transcended football. It had to be number 1.

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